Amy Rose Vs Ramona Flowers- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 08-0

Amy Rose Vs Ramona Flowers- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 08-0

Amy Rose vs Ramona Flowers

Cast Edit

Justin Buckner as Amy Rose

Brandon Lorbes as Ramona Flowers

Female Flower Power

Lyrics Edit

Amy: Edit

Hi there! You weird damn colored emo slut

Give me a ring or coin every time you’ve done it in the butt

I mean G-man, those evil exes look like homosexuals

Can you at least give them time first? Be more intellectual

You stole sound effects from our games and you also ripped off my style

Really? A threesome with two stereotypical Asians named Ken and Kyle?

Now this boy you have now, I mean you’re not even trying

Let’s settle this over drinks, but you pay with your prostitute money

Ramona: Edit

Okay, is this happening or did I just lick Big’s pet frog?

I am not gonna lose a life to an overly attached hedgehog

I’m gonna fight and defeat you and I’ll send you straight to hell

You’ll be another Demon Hipster Chick owned by Matthew Patel

Why are you just going for one guy, he hates you following him around

You’re like the Slender Man to him; it’s why he’s running fast, OW!

Do you feel that burn like I did with Roxie Ritcher?

You should’ve just lose your virginity to that guy, his name is Silver

Amy: Edit

He’s already got a girl, Blaze, didn’t you know?

She’s dead and he still loves her, write some notes down you hoe

That one ex Todd got clashed by Scott’s Diamond Head

You dated tons of douchebags but you never got with them in bed

Ramona: Edit

Like you’re the one to talk, you shown off your panties too many times

Giant hammer, colored hair, similar last name, now that’s a crime

I’ve beat you so much, it was like I was Lucas Lee’s stunt doubles

Now go drown in a lake, no one will give you any shield bubbles

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