Deathstroke Vs Deadpool- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1402:18

Deathstroke Vs Deadpool- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 14

Deathstroke vs Deadpool


ZombieLicker (IRBoC) as Deadpool

Brandon Lorbes as Deathstroke



Oh hey there! What’s up Deathstroke? I’m gonna kick your ass

You had to suck so much to fight Teen Titans well that’s just god damn sad

Death gave me immunity mother fucker! You can’t kill me!

Don’t try to make a comeback at me; you can just talk to the D

You’re a bigger buzz kill than Cable; you hurt my mind more than Vertigo

Tell me why this assassin had to replace his guns with rocket dildos

You’re not the Terminator, just stop it Arnold Schwarzenegger

How about I make this better? Let me just pull this trigger


For this battle, you’ll see I’ll have the better power of will, son

I’m came first ten years before you were drawn, so just finally die, Wilson

DC is better than MARVEL when Batman came to Earth

You shouldn’t even be here right now; you were a disappointment since birth

What’s wrong with your face? I’m surprised you still have a sex life

I just don’t even want to bother doing this; I wouldn’t take out the knife

Yeah, I got defeated by the Titans but it took them the whole show

Why not go and ask Rogue why the ladies call me Deathstroke


Does it mean that it’s your future? That’s right; a stroke is how you’ll die

You’re about to get blind, you old shit, when I shoot your good eye

I got my own video game while you were still in that coma

I may be burned all over but at least I still get a boner


What kind of bitch is stupid enough to eat a hot dog that’s overcooked?

NONE! So just return to Canada and stop stealing Spiderman’s looks

I’m the landlord; get out the apartment, you never got to pay your rent

I’ve now finally owned another victim; hope you got all the hints

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