(MOTHER'S DAY) Delia Ketchum Vs Cooking Mama- Gaming All Star Rap Battles

(MOTHER'S DAY) Delia Ketchum Vs Cooking Mama- Gaming All Star Rap Battles


Stofferex as Cooking Mama

Fel as Delia Ketchum

Brandon Lorbes as Ash Ketchum

Lyrics Edit

Cooking Mama: Edit

This battle'll be baking quite a dilemma for Delia,

I'm sure as hell glad I don't reside in the World of Zoophilia

Your son hung around with lots of ladies and still didn't get laid?

If you're wondering what I'm cooking up, then you'll just have to wait

We don't even know shit about your husband is your son Ash adopted?

You were probably high in all your life you even smoked a Hoppip

You'd better be ready to catch up Ketchum, this'll be your last stand

I'll be cooking up rhymes faster than you getting a man

Mrs. Ketchum: Edit

I can probably get better man than your explorer husband Papa

Your raps are even worse than your food Mrs. Mama

Not only that but you do gardening lessons as well?

Every lesson you teach is just so time wasting as hell

I wouldn't "Pikachu" when your lessons are nothing but shit

I more known than you and I even started while I was in 8-bits

If your students make one little mistake you go into a killing spree

You are nothing but weak just like a helpless little Pidgey

Cooking Mama: Edit

Just shut up, I'm a great chef, call me the female Gordon Ramsey

My disses are gonna haunt ya Ketchum, call me Gastly

Why am I bothering battling you? You aren't even that known

The only reason you let your son leave was to bang Professor Oak

I'm a well organized mother, you just sit in your house all day

This is gonna be easy as when you were kidnapped by Entei

I will now be known as the number one mother with rhymes

Hell the only man you ever had was your queer clown Mr. Mime

Mrs. Ketchum: Edit

You're an air balloon toon 'bout to get served audibly,

With two minigame munchkins while my son's a true prodigy!

Let me introduce you to a REAL child! One that is true to kick your ass

Now it's time that you take a lesson from my little boy Ash!

Ash Ketchum: Edit

Don't you dare try to diss out my mother she's better in what you do

You care about the kids you babysit not your kids Ringo and Ichigo

When you're just teaching to cooking everyone in your class fucks up

Cooking Mama 2 sucks because did any friends show up? Nope! NONE!

You wanna be a good mom? Well I got some useful advice

Try to cook something good that won't kill all the mice

I'm introducing you to the World of Pokemon! Call me Professor Oak

Time to wrap up this rapping maid, PIKACHU, THUNERBOLT!

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