Ice Climbers Vs Snow Bros- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1302:51

Ice Climbers Vs Snow Bros- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 13

Ice Climbers vs Snow Bros.


LazySundayPaper as Nick 

Brandon Lorbes as Tom

SuperThingsonCups as Popo

WoodenHornets as Nana


Snow Bros.Edit

Nick: Edit

We are the Snow Bros; you can call us Nick and Tom

We don’t give a shit who you are, just talk to our palms

Do you wear those coats 24/7? Even in summer with a torch?

Then prepare with these hot raps, you can call our rap style Scorch

You’re invading Whiteland through our lovely Crystal Mountains

Step back kids cause we’re getting frostbite from our beloved twins

It’s pointless to climb a glacier to grab a pterodactyl’s feet

Yo, Tom! Take it over and show these virgins to quit the skeet

Tom: Edit

You got it Nick! Tom here to teach a lesson to these numbskulls

Hey Popo, bring Nana over to lick my nice long icicle

Those hammers, weak as hell, they can’t help you climb the ice

You’re the reason Polar Bears are endangered JESUS CHRIST!

Who do you think you are? The Wonder Twins? Bitches, please

You won’t climb up to our mountain floor; you’ll end up with sore knees

We live in royalty; ask Teri and Tina, they know the truth

Don’t go cramping up our style with our overalls and boots

Ice ClimbersEdit

Popo: Edit

Nana, Popo, Snow Brothers? FUCK NO!

We’re the Ice Climbers, bitches, no lives on you, YOLO

Don’t judge our hammers, you just do snowball fights

These babies can beat your asses and knock out your coal eyes

It’s possible we climbed Mt. Everest cause we do this for a living

Place your money in here boys, we all know you suck at bidding

Holy shit, I think I’m gonna fall, I think I’m gonna die

But it’s better than seeing Frosty’s sons, time to say goodbye

Nana: Edit

Hold on bro, Nana’s got your back, cause we’re in this thing together

You can’t get rid of that dang snow men, you’ll be digging forever

You live in a place called Whiteland? You guys are just plain racist

Read our names, we can beat you easy; you lost this battle, face it

Two snow twins fighting a giant fire boss, are you guys retarded?

Since we were introduced in Melee, we were living like stars man

So shut up Zack and Cody, go home to your igloo castle

We’ll do a victory jig on your graves, it’ll be quite gracile

Snow Bros. Edit

Nick: Edit

Did you hear what I just hear? Are they trying to diss us out?

Tom: Edit

I think they are Nick, they’re spitting hard without a doubt

Nick: Edit

Then let’s show these little bastards who can win this snowball fight

Tom: Edit

I was thinking same thing, our minds are smart with us combined

Nick: Edit

LET’S GO! You can call us Zack and Cody cause we are living the Sweet Life

Tom: Edit

So you better bow before your kings or suffer in pain and strife

Nick: Edit

We hate to tell you this Ice Climbers, let me explain, you see

Tom: Edit

It’s that you guys are more useless as a mother fucking Topi

Ice Climbers: Edit

Popo: Edit

We can beat you like a blizzard cause we’ll push you away

Nana: Edit

Not to mention that your fighting style is really, really gay

Popo: Edit

No one knows you faggots cause we were doing this shit first

Nana: Edit

You’ll live the lonely lives forever while you still have that curse

Popo: Edit

We can take on any challenge even eating frozen vegetables

Nana: Edit

Call us The Hardest Icebergs because we are unbreakable

Popo: Edit

This battle is now over and we just reached the mountain top

Nana: Edit

Your rhymes might be cold as ice but our disses were just hot

Rap Battle (Audio + Download Link)Edit

Rap Battle (Karaoke)Edit


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