Link Vs Dovahkiin REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY-0

Link Vs Dovahkiin REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY-0


Brandon Lorbes as Link

Adam/Pool as Dovahkiin


Link: Edit

It's Link! The Hero of Time entering the battlefield from Hyrule

And it looks like I'm battling a half dragon, half drunk viking fool

Quit going on daily killing sprees and you'll be only one in your lonely town

This homeless version of Thor is about to go like the dark version of me, DOWN

I'll grab you by the horns and after that, I'll break your fucking neck

And with my Triforce of Courage, you won't know what'll happen next

I have the Hylian Shield it never breaks not like your stupid trash lid

I'm gonna SHROCK you back to medieval times sending you back to Skyrim

Dovahkiin: Edit

Stop breaking pots for Rupees, you know those things are opened stupid geek?

You never knew what gender your partner was and yes, I'm talking about Sheik

I'll bruise your face so bad that you'll be needing Majora's Mask

My shouts will blast you through the forests more than enough to beat your ass

All of your fans are fags and you lost some of them thanks to BEN

If I had the Ocarina of Time, I would take all of my toughest men

and we'd save Zelda from Ganondorf and she'll thank us easilly

And in the end, all of us would have a FUS ROH DAH orgy

Link: Edit

It would take a long time to finish me, I have long ass health bar

At least take a mint before you shout at me, god you smell like tar

Even though you may have bite, you definitley don't have bark

So you'll just be known as King Douchebag of Kupa Keep, South Park

Dovahkiin: Edit

Call me the Dovah-KING! Because I'm ruling you in this battle

Why don't you go back to play your damn chickens and cattle

Fly away now Peter Pan, you already have an annoying fairy with you

How can you battle me when you can't even face the King Dodongo

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