Master Chief Vs Duke Nukem- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 203:00

Master Chief Vs Duke Nukem- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


Brandon Lorbes as Master Chief

Stofferex as Duke Nukem

Lyrics Edit

Chief: Edit

Straight from Eridanus, it's Officer 117

But nobody calls me that, just call me Master Chief

So you think you're bad ass because of all those aliens you killed?

I'm gonna warm things up I'll put you to cryo-sleep for some chills

I can carry a large tank with just one lift with my pinky finger

You may have muscles Duke but I'm the Ultimate Alien Ass Kicker

You get distracted easily because of some girl's huge breasts

I'm a SPARTAN so let me give you an old fashioned "SPARTA KICK"

Duke: Edit

Are you messing with the Duke? Well you've made a fatal mistake

I'm the motherfucking king so I'm the one who makes the rules mate

You're just Cortana's bitch, you're like her slave bro

You'll be dead in the end and then there's a reason to call your game Halo

I don't need any armor in my missions, man, that shit is for pussies, bitch

I'd laugh at the scared expression on your face, only if we would see it

I touched the huge tits of Lara Croft, you just stole Samus' costume design

Hail to the king, baby, that's enough of your crimes

Chief: Edit

You're a hero of America? I save the whole god damn galaxy

The general must have been drunk if he were to put YOU in the military

I'd say the perfect girl for you would be the Alien Empress

You aren't even worth being teabagged cause, in this war, I was not impressed

It's Time to Kill with Advanced Critical Mass destruction, your life ends in Zero Hours

You probably thought you'd see lesbian asians in the Lebanese Civil War

If I can take on Leonidas, I can take on this little sperm

I'll change the letters FPS and make it stand for Full Pussy Served

Duke: Edit

Okay you just pissed me off Chief COME GET SOME!!!

Its time to kick some ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of gum

I'll tear you limb from limb and plant them in different Graves

I'll give you a headshot and I'll eat the remaining of your brains

Listen here, Master Queef, you're about to get Nuked

I'll break your balls and you'll never teabag ever again you douche

117 is the amount of people that will never play your game

No one will need you so go back to cryo-sleep and you'll never awake

Rap Battle (Audio + Download Link) Edit

Rap Battle (Karaoke) Edit

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