Mike Tyson Vs Donkey Kong REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 Year Anniversary

Mike Tyson Vs Donkey Kong REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 Year Anniversary


Brandon Lorbes as Mike Tyson and Donkey Kong

Lyrics Edit

Mike: Edit

You're about to be hungover thanks to my good aim and precision

I feel like you're to weak for me you'd rather face against my pet pigeons

I’m gonna punch your lights out because I'm the raging man you fear

Quit being a chicken and get out the tree house and fight you primian queer

You might have the big muscles, Gorilla Grodd but you just throw barrels

I can handle your DK Crew Imma leave them ALL in peril

So let us step into the ring and let's get ready to rumble

With a hook to the jaw you won't be able rap, you'll just mumble

DK: Edit

You shouldn't talk to a guy still fighting since 1981

If I just poke you with my pinky finger you're knocked out I already won

Bite your tongue! Oh wait! Was that too soon?

You're punches are even lamer than your dumbass tatoo

If the midget Little Mac can kick your ass, then this will be no challenge

Look at this fist bitch! You're rhymes are making me cringe

You call that spitting? You aren't taking that literally right?

Just quit right now but I need some laughs, have a shot at the mic

Mike: Edit

Bitch, I’m a mother fucking poet, you’re the fag eating bananas

Just fight me like a man I'll punch you all the way to Montana

I know one abbreviation that has both your initials that way

And it's one word: DICK, starts with a D and ends with a K

DK: Edit

WHOA! Watch the language you keep drooling all over the place

I'm making you slip with my banana peels giving you a more fucked up face

I’ll use a giant hammer to straighten back your teeth

I'm eating healthy to be strong, all you eat is KFC

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