PaRappa the Rapper Vs K.K

PaRappa the Rapper Vs K.K. Slider- Gaming All Star Rap Battles Season 2


Brandon Lorbes as PaRappa the Rapper

Frenzy as K.K. Slider


PaRappa: Edit

Kick ! Punch! Y'all remember who I am

It's PaRappa back from the 80's to rap again

But I got a competition, another dog is rising up

I'm gonna kick your ass so you can call me Chop Chop

You're the dalmation that uses autotune, I can't understand your words

I'm gonna kill you in this battle, then call me the Villager

This is a lesson from the teacher, I am sure to beat ya

And then in the end, you're gonna regret I'd ever seen ya

KK Slider: Edit

Bitch, I got the smooth music to make Sunny Funny love me

I'm gonna rock you even harder like I'm Um Jammer Lammy

You've crossed the wrong animal, you're more annoying than Resetti

You had to fight a guy with a noodle fetish, what a pity

You're too old school with them baggy pants and stupid hat

Imma leave you like every person in your game, FLAT

Your catchphrase makes every rapper think you're homo

When it comes to this rap battle, U Rappin' Awful

PaRappa: Edit

Alright then Slider, you think you're going all H.A.M.

Well watch yourself dog because its time to jam

In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow

I'm big and tough to be a hero, then you can call me Joe...

...Chin, I'm gonna win, I'm a Playstation All Star

I'll smack you with my skateboard, to send you all the way to Mars

Gonna get on my feet, I'm gonna redeem, I'll beat you in this battle and I'll be relieved

Giving the 80s fans something to recieve, but most importantly, I GOTTA BELIEVE

KK Slider: Edit

Believe THIS, you were too young to get a license at young age

You aren't a rapper, you just repeat whatever your teachers say

Both of us are dogs but you're the one who's more of a pussy

My rhymes will make you jump, call me MC King Kong Mushi

You think U Rappin Cool? Well you aren't getting that far

How about I give you a concussion with my acoustic guitar?

You gotta stop trying to be like 50 Cent kid

Cause your rap skills are doing worse than your anime series did

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