Sgt. Frog Vs Sgt

Sgt. Frog Vs Sgt. Roebuck REMASTERED- Gaming All Star Rap Battles 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY


Brandon Lorbes as Sgt. Frog

WoodenHornets as Sgt. Roebuck


Sgt. Frog: Edit

That's Sergeant Keroro Gunso of the Keroro Platoon

I'm saving the world while you play with little squeakers in Call of Doo-Doo

I have my dignity to face this war veteran since he's barely recognized

Be careful where you step, I'll take you out as a bush, in disguise

You all never heard of me? Well who the buck is Sgt. Roe-fuck?

I bet your damn bullets are bigger than your microscopic cock

I'll leave you with more than warts in this Modern Warfare

Oh you were in the U.S. Marines? Well I DON'T FUCKING CARE

Sgt. Roebuck: Edit

Is this guy really a sergeant or am I just high from the gas fumes?

I bet no princess would kiss this frog so I'll just send you to your doom

Pretty tough for a little guy but your anime sucked

I'm gonna eat your frog legs, I hope you like walking on nubs

You must be the stupidest sergeant ever known to man

And its ridiculous that you have a fear of your unknown dad

You'll be finished when my team takes down Japanese forces

Just like the Demonic Announer I CAN'T STAND YOUR TEAM'S VOICES

Sgt. Frog: Edit

I'm stronger than you I can hold something 100 times my weight

I'd rather play Battlefield because of you so don't get irate

You're more annoying than the sqeaks of styrofoam

So tell your buddies you just got beat by a froggy gnome

Sgt. Roebuck: Edit

I'll take your girl Tamama since you can't see she's crushing on you

Go return to your swampy planet cause you'll survive if you do

The battle is now done but for the war, it's not the end

Thanks for the free killstreak shots from shooting out all your friends

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