Smeargle Vs Magikarp- Gaming All Star Rap Battles-002:18

Smeargle Vs Magikarp- Gaming All Star Rap Battles-0


ZombieLicker (IRBoC) as Smeargle

Brandon Lorbes as Magikarp/Gyarados/Mega Gyarados

Lyrics Edit

Smeargle: Edit

Let me Sketch a painting so stop flopping around

I can knockout this fishy with just one little Pound

You're such a dumbass, you couldn't even learn how to swim

What's worse a fisher didn't have one of you, HE HAD SIX

You are untrainable even when put in the Day Care

Hell, it'd be a waste to feed you Candy that's so Rare

Your Splash attack? HA! You barely gave me a drop

I've seen better water moves from a dirty fucking mop

Magikarp: Edit

Bitch please! At least I don't come with just one move

I got Tackle, Flail, and Bounce, you're lame as Zigzagoon

No one knows about Johto, worst generation I ever heard

Don't test me when I evolve, I'm a fish AND a bird

You'd be stupid enough to buy me for five hundred dollars

And when I'm shiny, I'm in a golden color

Get out of here Pisscaso, quit whipping that tail around

Professor Oak is gonna regret that you were ever found

Smeargle: Edit

Nobody would use an Old Rod just because of your lame ass

If I wanted to have a fish, I would've chosen Feebas

James from Team Rocket wouldn't train you cause you can't do shit

Just because you're a Water Type, dosen't mean you can spit

There's nothing "Magik" about you because you're useless

Even Goldeen is better than you, she won't give you her Luvdisc

I might be weak too but at least my move does damage

You're just a piece of trash, I'll nickname you Trubbish

Gyarados: Edit

Have a dose of Gyarados you mother fucking joke

You better run bitch, just Vincent Van GO!

I'm Dragon Raging to kill you in a Whirlpool of death

This fast rap is for real I aint on Crystal Meth

By the end of this battle, you'll be painted in red

Do you know what I'm saying? Your little ass is dead!

Can you believe I was puny? Now I'm mighty and tall

If you think I'm bad now, LET ME MEGA EVOLVE

Mega Gyarados: Edit

Oh look at me! What am I? I'm like a Water Type Zeppelin

Why not Dive in with me? C'mon and have a dip in!

I got that Mold Breaker you're abilities won't do shit

Before I was Water-Flying, now its Water and Darkness

When you faint, I'll celebrate with a Rain or Dragon Dance

Don't tick me off Smeargle cause I easily can Thrash

I am the most artrocious Pokemon the world has ever seen

This battle will be finished by my powerful Hyper Beam

Rap Battle (Audio + Download Link) Edit

Rap Battle (Karaoke) Edit

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